The best Travel Apps you should have

The best Travel Apps you should have

These apps will soon become your best friend when travelling and discovering the world.

Van life/adventure
  • Park4night: when travelling by van, it is important to be able to find a spot to park for the night. This app helps you find different parking spots, campgrounds, and beautiful locations to park for the night. It includes reviews, photos, and essential information to help you choose your ideal location. Download here!
  • Google translate: this app is quite known to translate one language to the other, which is an essential when travelling to a country with a language you don’t speak. You can translate with text but also with voice, which is faster to communicate in time-sensitive moments.
  • Mapstr: if you love finding hidden gems when travelling and exploring as many new locations aspossible, this app may be useful to you. You can save your favorite places (and organize them into categories), plan the next spots you want to see, and share with friends different magical places! Download here!
  • Travello: a social networking app like this one is quite useful to connect with like-minded individuals that all share a passion for travelling and exploring the world. You can connect with travellers, discover their activities and share your own, connect with locals excited to share about their culture, blog and post about your adventures, and plan for your upcoming ones. Download here!
  • Sky scanner: this app will help you compare flights, hotels, and car rental options, making it easier on you, rather than comparing them from all the different websites on your own. You can input your travel details, and sky scanner will do all the work for you and show you all the available options, including prices. Here!
  • Airbnb: looking for affordable yet culturally integrated places for travelling can be quite hard, but Airbnb will allow you to discover many different types of accommodations, and will allow you to choose the one most to your liking, whilst staying affordable. The detailed descriptions, photos, and reviews will definitely ease your concerns about your comfortability during your stay. Here!
  • Couchsurfing: this platform allows you to connect with locals willing to offer free accommodation from all over the world. Travelling this way will give you a greater experience than finding a hotel that is not integrated in the culture. Here!
  • this app allows you to compare and book a wide range of accommodations. You just have to input your dates and preferences, and will find you affordable options that fit your needs. Here!
  • Hola fly: this international eSIM website will allow you to enjoy internet connection wherever you travel, while keeping your physical SIM but not the roaming charges! It has SIM plan options all over the world. Here!
  • this app will allow you to connect to free WIFI all over the world. Using Google Maps in areas with no data can be difficult, but will provide you with offline maps. You can also get their secure VPN to keep your digital life safe while travelling. You can also purchase eSIMs with them. Download here!
  • City mapper: being able to travel a new country with the agility of a local is no easy task. This app allows you to look at information about public transit, walking, cycling, and ride-sharing services. Its real-time information will make you look like this is not your first time travelling in this country. Download here!
  • being able to download maps of the areas you are visiting instead of relying on data and wifi that might not work well in the locations you want to travel to is quite useful. This app does exactly that, and provides navigation guidance all offline. Download here!

Collect moments, not things

  • Tricount: this application is designed to simplify group expenses by splitting bills among the group, by helping keep track of shared expenses, and calculated how much participants owe or are owed. This allows you to relax throughout the trip and not have to calculate every expense made by the group up until the very end of the trip. Download here!
  • Xe currency: converting different currencies and tracking foreign exchange rate has never been as easy as it is with this app. Download here!
  • Revolut: this banking and financial service app helps you manage money, make payments, and save efficiently. It contains multi-currency accounts, currency exchange, prepaid debit card, international transfers, budgeting and analytics, cryptocurrency support, and security features. Here!

And there you go 😁 You’re now all prepared for your next trip! The only thing left to do is free up some storage space to be able to download all of these life-changing apps.

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Happy travel! J&T