Nice to meet you.

Photographer, Designer, Blogger

Hey! I'm Joyce 🇫🇷

I’m a basketball player, an adventurer photographer & blogger. My passion for adventures comes from a family affair. A father with Senegalese origins, a grandfather who criss-crossed the world, a globe-trotting mom and a sister who lived in the 4 corners of the earth, stories of travel have lulled my childhood.

With this kind of atypical background, I was lucky enough to be able to travel from an early age. Experiencing Kenya at 10 yo was definitely the biggest trigger, discovering a captivating culture and get out of my comfort zone. But overall it was the trigger where I realised with my own eyes  that we don’t have the same opportunities and that one day I would like to make a difference.

As a professional basketball player, my sport has enabled me to see the world and rub shoulders with people from different horizons. So it was natural for my close ones and I to create an organisation to help underprivileged children in developing countries. This is how Earth Citizen Club was born more than ten years ago. I know we can’t change the world, but I’m convinced that small gestures still matters.

Hey! I'm Timmie 🇩🇪

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, emotional family person, with a special interest for plants, sports, cooking and a deep fascination for the art of Drag (OMG they are extraordinary, multi-talented artists to me). The passion that accompanied my whole life, and probably the reason why we are meeting here, is the discovery of new places, people and cultures. 

Having travelled to 40 countries, I take it as a big privilege being able to have met people from different places of mother earth, getting to see their wildlife and experience their culture and surroundings through their eyes. Making inspirational encounters of value is what makes me travel the world and keep my mind open in my everyday life.

My life is not picture perfect everyday, sometimes even stressful, but when I need it and are not able to travel, I can drift off and dream myself to Mount Cook in New Zealand, Ilot Maitre in New Caledonia or the safaris in Tanzania. Those treasures memories are made for life and will be shared with you, if you want. Come join us to make an adventure of a lifetime.

Storyteller, Blogger
Eater, player, sleeper

Hey! I'm Chilly 🇵🇹

I’m a little Portuguese Spitz and like my humans I love to go on adventures and also eat. I was born on Valentine’s Day so I have some love to sell. I love to celebrate when someone greets me and I have the particularity of having a pretty smile, I love to show my teeth 😆

I’ve already traveled to 3 different countries and I’m not afraid of flying. It’s pretty cool to watch the clouds. But what I love most is to travel with Ferdi, our van.

I’m lucky to have different playgrounds because with my mums, we are living in Germany, France and Portugal.

So, ready to follow our adventures?

// Let the adventure begin //