Our ways to be comfortable for flying

Flying – most people romanticize it the day they’ve booked, picturing the cotton candy sky from the little window, snuggling up with a blanket and a good film while slurping on a miniature Coke. Once the date of flying is moving closer, the stress level might slowly be rising, am I right? But, just like anything in life, that stress can be drastically reduced, or even removed, with a little more forward-thinking and some small tricks.

Here’s our list of the 5 most valuable tips for a comfy flight. These little hacks might sound little, but are major to make your next flight a less stressful experience.

If you look like your passport picture, you probably need a trip!

1. Choice of clothes – comfy but stylish 👔

Good news for all our travel buddies out here that love to be comfy, yet care a bit for staying trendy with their choice of clothes : Oversize is back (and we love it). So yes, sweats are no longer for athletes only. So for your next travel, get your sweats, put on some matching tennis socks and grab your favorite oversized hoodie. Hoodies are a major asset, if you are cold, you want to avoid the AC blowing at you or you just want to gain some privacy. 😉

Timmie sweatshirt at the beach

2. Stay hydrated & nourished – your body is your temple 🧘‍♀️

We know sometimes it’s annoying to plan ahead, but trust me, in this case it pays off for your body, mind and wallet. Preparing some avocado bread rolls or a couscous salad, buying some apples, nuts and a little treat ahead of your travel lets you nourish your little temple with some goodies it needs, especially on traveling days. Big plus – it makes you avoid eating some processed food on the plan and saves your wallet.

Same counts for bringing a reusable water bottle. Make sure you empty it before security check and in some countries you are able to find water fountains at the airport or can even use the water from the tab for a free refill. Reusable water bottle can also be useful for your visit itself. We are fans of Waterdrop.

3. Moisturize your hands & lips 💋

After washing your hands a bunch of times on travel days, because you needed to do another stress pee, touched a million surfaces or just finished your avocado bread roll, your skin can feel a bit tense. Bring your favorite sustainable lotion (package under 100ml of course) to stay moisturized. Don’t know if you knew, but one of us two is addicted to lip balm (popo cream :D), so we always make sure to bring that as well. Especially with the filtered air on board your lips can get dry fast – and who wants to handle chapped lips on their trip!? Exactly, nobody.

4. Right sleeping mask 💤

This is probably our no.1 gadget for traveling since we had to travel to away games with basketball all the time. With the right sleeping mask you are able to rest your eyes for a bit, save them from screen time and prepare them for your big adventure. We love these soft and elastic sleeping masks, made out of memory foam lining with breathable cooling silk.

5. Music & TV 🎧 

If you can’t sleep on the plane or you finally have some time to watch a whole movie (Joyce) – which we usually never have the patience for at home anymore – or you want to listen to your favorite podcast (Timmie), here’s another piece of advice to prep.

Sleeping mask picture
Sexy, isn't it? 😂

Yes, good airlines sometimes provide good movies, shows & even music & podcasts, but sometimes all you want to do is follow up on that last episode you watched at home or listen to your weekly podcast. So make sure to not forgot to download some episodes ahead of your travel, charge your external charger and don’t forget about your noise canceling headphones. These headphones can be pure gold, if there is a small kid crying, a person talking loudly or somebody snoring next to you – an airplane can be a really small place.

We hope that this article will help you! If you want keep reading some of our tips, let’s meet here! Otherwise, we wish you a good flight! 😊

Happy travel! J&T