Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience when you venture to Berlin and add Teufelsberg to your must-see list. This abandoned listening station a bit outside of the city, once a crucial part of the Cold War, now stands adorned with captivating graffiti. A visit to this unique place promises an eerie, historical, and occasionally unsettling journey, yet it also unveils unexpected beauty that will leave you in awe.

Let’s dive into it!

  1. What is Teufelsberg?
  2. How to get there?
  3. What is it like?
  4. Special tips
  5. Teufelsberg in photos
1. What is Teufelsberg?

Teufelsberg, which translates to Devil’s Mountain in German, encompasses not just a hill but also an abandoned listening station perched atop it.

Interestingly, this hill did not exist in the past. During the Nazi regime, a military-technical college was constructed on this very spot. After the war, the Allies attempted to obliterate the buildings with explosives, but their resilience proved formidable. However, Berlin had an abundance of rubble at its disposal. Utilizing this resource, truckloads of debris were brought in, giving rise to this remarkable artificial hill. Can you picture it? A colossal heap of rubble and wreckage, towering 80 meters (260 feet) high, standing as a testament to the aftermath of war. Unbelievably, this became the tallest point in Berlin.

But wait, there’s more! The mountain of debris was transformed into a lush landscape, adorned with trees and even a ski jump. Fast forward to today, and you’d never guess that less than a century ago, this place was a chaotic mess. Teufelsberg now stands as a serene forested hill, crisscrossed with winding paths for walking and mountain biking. At its summit, an abandoned and somewhat eerie structure adds an intriguing touch to the scenery.

Back in 1961, the United States and Britain recognized the strategic value of soaring above Berlin. As a result, they erected the enduring landmarks that grace Teufelsberg: four radomes that lend it its distinctive allure. Around-the-clock, vigilant men were deployed to intercept East German and Russian communications, ensuring constant surveillance during the Cold War era. The radomes were in operation until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Teufelsberg has seen multiple changes in ownership since then. Throughout this time, graffiti artists have managed to sneak onto the premises, turning it into a unique work of art.

Nowadays, tourists can explore Teufelsberg legally. While it offers a completely different experience compared to Museum Island or the Berlin Wall Memorial, it remains a significant part of Berlin’s history.


2. How to get to Teufelsberg?

Getting to Teufelsberg can be quite a challenge. If you decide to take the S-Bahn, be prepared for a fair amount of walking, especially uphill through the forested slopes of Teufelsberg. The most convenient option would be to have your own car, but if that’s not possible, you might consider using Uber for a hassle-free journey.

🚇  By underground: Embark on an underground adventure by hopping on the S-Bahn to Grunewald. As you step onto the platform, set your sights on the northwest direction and tread along Neuer Schildhornweg, a charming residential community. Take a right turn onto an unnamed road that will lead you to Teufelsseechaussee. Traverse this road and immerse yourself in the forest trails that will guide you up to the majestic Teufelsberg. These trails boast a delightful mix of asphalt and dirt surfaces, making your journey all the more exciting. Don’t fret about losing your way, as these trails are conveniently marked on Google Maps, serving as your trusty companion from the train station to Teufelsberg. Just remember to keep ascending, and you’ll eventually find yourself at the pinnacle of the hill, where the main site awaits. Upon reaching the fence, simply follow its path to the left until you arrive at the main entrance. The entire stroll from Grunewald Station to the main entrance will take you approximately 30 minutes. So lace up your walking shoes, embrace the enchanting surroundings, and embark on this captivating journey underground.

🚗 By car: Follow the road straight to the main entrance, just search for « Teufelsberg » on Google Maps and follow the route. We were just the following link:

🅿️ Parking fee is 5€.

3. What is it like?

Exploring Teufelsberg is an enigmatic experience, filled with awe, excitement, and a touch of daring. Despite the entrance fee, there’s an undeniable sense of forbidden allure that permeates the air.

You can almost transport yourself back to the Cold War era, sensing the lingering echoes of that intense period. Just imagine, this very place was once a clandestine spy station, where American officials eavesdropped on the conversations of Russians and East Germans. But when the Berlin Wall crumbled, this once bustling hub of activity was abruptly abandoned, leaving behind an eerie silence.

Amidst the wreckage of shattered radomes, the vibrant graffiti adorns every surface, even the once thriving plant life. The crumbling and dilapidated buildings exude a sense of desolation. Yet, paradoxically, this place radiates with a captivating brightness and a kaleidoscope of colors that keeps you alert. In the bustling city of Berlin, this is the one spot that never fails to captivate and intrigue.

  • Special tips

We explored Teufelsberg one Monday morning and found only a few other visitors around. You have the option to join a guided tour of Teufelsberg or explore it independently. Climbing up to the top of the highest radome meant navigating through five flights of stairs. It was enough to send shivers down our spines, since everything has aged a bit! It made us a bit nervous excited, yet our curiosity pushed us to find out what awaited us at the top of those stairs! Some of the buildings are only to be discovered with the help of your flashlight. Despite knowing that there were other people around, the eerie feeling of discovering the rooms adorned with graffiti in the dark was unsettling, yet filled with adrenaline. 

Entrance Fee: €8 – you should bring cash to pay!!! Hours: 11 am to sunset. Time to explore: 2-3 hours.

5- Teufelsberg in Photos

Initially, we strolled through what appeared to be multiple floors of a deserted warehouse, each wall adorned with graffiti. At the highest level, we encountered several radomes, now adorned with vibrant graffiti art.

Now, we just have to wish you « bon voyage » !!!